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Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors
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Scissors by Anastasia Beverly Hills are professional-quality, carbon-steel eyebrow scissors to help you achieve salon-quality grooming. Handcrafted in Italy, the eyebrow scissors feature tapered, ultra-thin blades for precise, straight trimming and coated grips for maximum control. Benefits * Unlike a round-tipped blade, this straight blade allows you to trim brow hairs in a precise, straight line for pro-quality grooming * Durable carbon-steel blades stay sharp and won't dull * Features coated grips for control * Tip of the blade is microscopically rounded and designed to not cut the skin * Precise results within a millimeter * Ideal size for precise grooming and maximum control * Handcrafted in Italy Features * Cruelty-free

How To Use

Using a spooley brush, brush the hair on your brows straight up, and trim a millimeter off of your brows at a time.

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