Anastasia Beverly Hills Sharpener at Macys

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sharpener
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Sharpener by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a 3-in-1 makeup pencil sharpener with two stainless-steel, rust-proof blades and is an essential travel-friendly tool for a professional, mess-free makeup kit. Use it to create a sharp tip on lip, eye and brow pencils for expert precision and peak performance. Benefits * Sharpens three different pencil sizes * An included adaptor insert works with standard-size pencils * Is kit-friendly and the ideal size for travel * Features two stainless steel blades that won't dull or rust * An enclosed case catches the pencil shavings for a mess-free makeup bag * Removable lid and base allow for easy disposal of pencil shavings * Includes a detachable pick for removal of wax from hard-to-reach areas Features * Cruelty-free

How To Use

Insert pencil to fit snuggly in opening and twist clock-wise until sharp. Remove sharpener top to empty shavings after every couple of uses.

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