Ardell Lift Effect #744

Ardell Lift Effect #744

Ardell's Lift Effect lashes naturally lift, open and widen eyes. Lift Effect #744 are rounded, medium length with lightly accentuated curls. Benefits * Ardell's Lift Effect Lash #744 are rounded, medium length with lightly accentuated curls Features * Beautifully curled to mimic the Lash Lift perming process * Natural lashes with extra curl have a unique look that enhance your own natural lashes * Very light to light volume * Short to medium length * Lashes made with comfortable Invisiband

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How To Use

1\. Check fit: Align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary. 2\. Apply adhesive: Apply a thin line of adhesive along the band. Wait 30 seconds to set. 3\. Apply Lashes: Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line. Precautions: Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.